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Tokyo Studio Opening Spring 2024

What We Offer

Exceptional Holistic Care


In-depth analysis of your spine and nervous system. Vertebral subluxations are addressed with specific, gentle adjustments to the spine and extremities, as needed.

Custom Lifestyle Coaching & Exercises

Deep dive into the root cause of your current state of health. Safe and effective exercise programs to support your healing and build a foundation for lifelong strength.


Health Workshops &
Corporate Programs

In-studio & on-site workshops designed to address your specific health concerns. Find community with others on their health journeys. Work station ergonomic assessments for improved quality of worklife.

A Different Approach To Healthcare

Whereas many doctor interactions are just managing symptoms rather than looking at the whole person, we offer a different experience of healthcare. Journey alongside an expert who helps people achieve goals beyond just symptom management.

Our Success Stories

Immediately I noticed sleep quality noticeably improved. When you don’t get enough sleep and you wake up with that headache on the top of your head and you have that for the whole day until you go to sleep again. But then I think coming in often in a short period of time, around less than a month, I really noticed how sleep has been a lot better.”
I would advise any woman to attend the workshops or to visit Ariel with any of their women's health concerns. I recently attended a women's health talk workshop. Ariel did a fantastic job at explaining everything in a way that was easy to listen to and understand. What she shared about women's health was extremely insightful and helpful, and gave me options to explore.”

"I have seen more energy and less fatigue. I spend more time with my son and my dogs and my lifestyle is better. Definitely my posture is way better than it was and people notice it. My wife very early on said that she noticed it and training the other day, my trainer said my back is much better than compared to where it was.”
“I had just given birth to my first baby and after a couple of months, I realized that my shoulders and my neck were really sore and super tight. The first time I got adjusted I think it was such a relief. When you hear the noise it’s like ‘Wow, what the hell was that’ but it feels so good! Regular visits and understanding chiropractic care has made me aware of how I stand or sit and how I use my mobile phone and overall my posture has improved.”

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